Money Bed

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An animated illustration I did recently for an idea pitch.

Monarch Butterfly

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Simple illustration and animation for Goodpin to save the Monarch butterflies.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Family portrait.

Babybot cameo

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Babybot’s Beaverbot made an appearance in Blik co-founder Scott Flora’s house tour! (I hope he gets along with that kitty without a mouth.) See Scott’s complete house tour on Apartment Therapy.

More Kids Stuff

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Here is another kids related project I helped out on late last year. It’s an identity for a local high-end kids fashion store. I was responsible for  a small illustration and the styling of the wordmark/logo. I actually experimented with real needles and threads for the wordmark (see below), but in the end a vector version was used for it’s […]

Babybot in Dinoland!

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Blik and Babybot teamed up again this year for some fantastic dino-themed wall decals. Babybot noticed that there was no dinosaur wall decals on Blik’s site and kids love dinosuars for their rooms! So the story goes that the Cyclop Twins crash-landed in Dinoland and discovered Dino’s (who was in the original Babybot family btw) […]

Year of Blik

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Have not had a decent blog update since the beginning of the year. That’s because I’ve been busy with a slew of projects in the last 6 months. (One of them being my new role as parent!) Here is a sneak peek of something I’ve been cooking up for a custom Blik project. This is […]

Karo Christmas Conundrum

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Towards the end of 2011 I finished a massive amount of Christmas work. The Karo Christmas eCard was one of them. I wanted to try out a cup paper illustration style initially, but because of time constraint I had to create it entirely in After Effects. It was a fun experiment to see how far […]

Blik Decals Update

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The Blik decals are finally up! There are four decals in total and you can check them out over at Blik‘s website. There’s even a facebook contest going on to win one of the decals that Babybot fans should check out if they want one for free. It was a great experience working on the […]

Blik + Babybot

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I am very excited to have been working on some Blik wall graphics for Babybot. Check out some progress work at the Babybot blog.